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7: !. Look her in the eyes. But usually, what we mean by flattering is "that outfit makes you look smaller and/or more hourglass shaped." Therefore, using it as a compliment, whether we like it or not, has turned into an . You're . 8. If you want to sound unique, this is a great response to a compliment.

U brake the ice with a compliment u find him good looking you say yes you find him ugly you say no. It's lookin' real damn fair. Fail and fail. 2. 2. I bet you make babies smile. The sky's true beauty can't be capturedand that's basically what you're saying about your partner's looks with this compliment from the late 1600s, according to The New Academy of Complements. Yet studies are consistent: About seventy-five percent of all compliments are about appearance, with only five or six percent falling into categories of performance, ability, taste, or possessions. So, I compiled a list of 50+ compliments that have nothing to do with appearance. They're finer than frogs' hair split four ways. Male-to-female, female-to-male, peer-to-peer, superior-to . This old phrase is a fancy way of saying that while you're as beautiful as the sky, your beauty has to be seen in person, for no photo could quite capture it in its fullest.

Your beautiful smile brightens my day. You are a dream come to life.

Use a specific compliment like "I really like the way your sweater brings out the colour in your eyes." A specific compliment is tailored to the girl and is more than just "you're cute," or "you're attractive." Another good way is to notice the way she puts together her outfits. Or, alternately, call her a goddess or say something like, "You are as pretty as you are smart." Focus on different outfits, as well. Now Alex is really pretty. The $50 Platinum Level is an ALL-ACCESS PASSjoin as many groups and classes as you want for the entire year. "Perfect click". I told you, it's the winking. Let her feel special! "You have cute elbows. These compliments and lighthearted digs have Southern flair aplenty. You have a unique way of thinking. You have a great sense of humor. I tend to prefer cute/handsome guys though. But I'm pretty sure most compliments can be for any gender identity: hot, cute, beautiful, gorgeous.

Alternative: Keep is short and simple with, "You look beautiful" or "You look gorgeous.". World India Rain. You look amazing, as always.

Selfie. This can be taken as a form of ageism, or "the stereotyping, prejudice, and discrimination against people on the basis of their age" according to the World Health Organization (WHO).

And since laughter really is the best medicine (that's right, it can reduce stress and boost your immune system), there's nothing better than giving a funny compliment. You did some quick thinking today. You do not need makeup. If you were even remotely . You are such a joy to be around because you always make me laugh and look at things from a different perspective. 1 / 2. It's like saying, "I see you're doing a great job, keep it up." But in today's day and age, compliments are too often based off of physical and superficial things. I enjoy your unique perspective. "Pretty good" means it is good. "Thank you. But certain compliments can have implications that arefar from complimentary. Be authentic. 1.

Good, to an imprecise degree. chun y f zhn pi n!. "You look great today.". Personality Compliments.

In my experience, the most efficient compliment that always works is poking her in the thigh with my boner and winking. "You look hot today.". Be . She loves when you notice small details. There is no way of not seeing how pretty she is.

If the person is not deserving of the praise, then simply say nothing at all. Here are few compliments you could use to make your girlfriend smile. 2. 4. I really appreciate what you just said.". You have the best laugh. There are very few people who can find positivity even in the darkest times. A Texas rancher may call a fellow a "pretty good 'hand." Any sentence that ends with " for a girl.". This compliment also tells a woman that you value her true self, and not just her youth and beauty. A Harris spokesman assured the world she remains an Obama supporter. Your eyes are beautiful because they are filled with kindness and intelligence. I wish I knew more people like you, you really have the ability to make people around you happy.

For a longer response, you can also say "I appreciate that" or "you've made my day.". I love your hair style. As with most compliments, surmising the meaning requires context and understanding of the complimenter's intent.

Thank you. They're as pretty as a pitcher. The perfect compliment for your girlfriend, wife, or best friend! Those are the kind of words she will love you for. 2. If cartoon bluebirds were real, a couple of 'em would be sitting on your shoulders singing right now. So yes it is a compliment. The following compliments for women are sayings that every girl would love to hear! It's your way of saying you've accepted their compliment and you can move on and continue the conversation without any awkwardness. You always make my day better when I am feeling down. Called someone a pretty boy, is to infer that they are a playboy, player boy toy.

Helpful Resource: Cute wishes for in the morning. "Voc me complete".

Even when we're not. It Depends On Her. The sexist compliment. You are gorgeous.

Good Compliments For The Girl You Like. 9. Finding someone who can make a bad thing good - that's perfection. . "Much obliged" is one of the most formal responses to a compliment and it means the same thing as "thank you.". 1.3k. 1.3k. 9.

2. She is most likely used to hearing compliments from others, and she is somewhat desensitized to it. Don't exaggerate or say what you think she wants to hear about her looks, her personality, etc., to get her in the mood. 1 / 2. #17.

A person will pick up on a fake compliment pretty quickly and it will .

I had a random guy in Memphis once stop me in the street to tell me I was the most gorgeous woman he'd ever seen. Idioms for positivity never fail to add color and creativity to your words. If you feel the other person is joking or being sarcastic, a "That's very kind of you" ought to be a smart response. By going completely over the top: O M G. Your kitchen tiles are dy-na-mite! It's easy to talk with someone who has a smile like yours (This will make her feel comfortable around you) 19. (aka: "Pretty as a picture" with a Southern drawl) He's a tall drink of iced tea. No matter what you encounter, you are always classy. Make eye contact: Look directly at the person giving you the compliment and make eye contact when you speak to them. Thank you.

"You look great!" is a flattering compliment to receive but tacking on "for your age" to the tail-end may backfire. For instance, if you react with surprise at someone's "good" quality or behavior, make them feel . 305 comments. January 24, 2023. 2. "Good" generally means that you are happy about something, or perhaps are just feeling better than average overall even if you don . Thank you, you've made my day.". Beautiful compliments for the girl you like. Keep in Mind But the question lingers. She's got gumption. If your eyes are fixed on her chest, every compliment will send the message that her sex appeal is the main reason you're talking to her. Though it also depends on what you're comfortable with as well.

If we are not doing awfully, then we are doing "pretty good". Copy This. You are so beautiful that you give the sun a reason to shine. 2. You are really . Just for funsies, we compiled a list of our favorite beauty . Be creative. If someone did a good job during a speech, just say, "Great job on that speech!" and nothing more. If you want your compliment to be well received, be authentic and speak from the heart tell her what it is that makes her special. I love how easy it is to be around you. "Pretty" + nouns (i.e., woman, home, view, etc.) Your presence warms the coldest heart. The president, who has similarly complimented men before, called Harris and apologized. If that woman struck up a conversation with that guy, a well placed "you look lovely" when contextually appropriate a pretty good chance as being taken as a compliment. Your strength in the face of obstacles is amazing. You are so beautiful when you blush/giggle (this is good if she blushes easily) 18.

. 12. That color is perfect on you.". Giving a compliment is one of the best things you can do for someone. I can't believe how lucky I am that I found someone like you. Copy This. Copy This. 2. Or by stealing the next 77 compliments.

4. Report 7 years ago. There are some people, lncluding myself, that have no problem with expressing our boyish side so we get handsome as well. 1. 17. Being called a pretty boy, is not a compliment. Good Compliments for Women. After being in a relationship with her for a while, you start to feel you have found your other half. You are already so naturally beautiful.

I wouldn't say it has a flavour of sarcasm, but a flavour of "more or less". So when you answer "good" then everything is well and truly definitely good but when you say "pretty good" you're just less than sure about the well and truly definitely part. Etiquette expert Diane Gottsman warns that generic compliments that could apply to anyone, like "you've got a nice smile" or "your hair is pretty", often come across as superficial. When used with this meaning, the speaker would most likely sound excited as opposed to the usual monotone "oh I don't know. Why Being Called 'Pretty' Isn't A Compliment Health and Wellness Why Being Called 'Pretty' Isn't A Compliment Why society has it all wrong. 13 "You're so thoughtful for sharing your toys with your sibling. [F17] I've almost given up on trying to smile, and life's been so hard lately (especially with body image problems). If she is objectively pretty looking girl, then there is a good chance your compliment won't hit her hard emotionally. Be genuine. It's hard to explain cause you gotta compliment with a story behind it. [1] For example, say something like, "Andrea may be the bride but you're the most beautiful woman in the room to me." 5. She's as smart as all get out. 6 yr. ago . "Arresting in beauty". Though it also depends on what you're comfortable with as well. When your girlfriend wears a new outfit, tell her how good she looks in it. Take Action. 1.

But what happens when you use "pretty" + adjective (good) or "pretty" + adverb (well) (much)? 14 "I hadn't thought of it that way. You can't say I like the way you think. "It's nice of you to say that. Someone that is, not to be taken seriously as long term relationship prospect. One more wonderful words to compliment your beloved Brazilian girl. Stay beautiful for me! The fun makes compliments less awkward or intense, and can be a great ice breaker. The simplest way to respond to a compliment is to say "thank you.".

Our praise is formulaic, and about two-thirds of compliments containing adjectives use the words nice, good, pretty, great, or beautiful. "Pretty Good", to me, means that things are going basically as expected / hoped, you have nothing major to complain about but nothing major to exult about either. The backhanded compliment. In most instances, it entirely depends on the girl, whether she likes being called cute or not. And we have compliments for each scenario: A crush from real life. They're as happy as clams at high tide. 2. And I guess your gym pants aren't bad either. 305 comments. Has a somewhat sarcastic tone.

is pretty a good compliment

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is pretty a good compliment

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